2017Projet en cours
Sillas (“chairs” in Spanish) is a participative project intended for public spaces. It is a unique experience in which the household object becomes a prop in a choreography that is both collective and singular. It creates a collective scenic language based on the common, day-to-day ways of sitting, on actions, on musical cues, on geometric or random patterns of movement.
Sillas is intended for all audiences and is constructed through a series of workshops ending with a final, in situ performance.
Sillas saw the light in 2015 in Valparaiso, Chile, at the instigation of the choreographer Satchie Noro in collaboration with the Chilean artists Nicolás Eyzaguirre, director, and Carlos Canalès, composer.

Conception : Satchie Noro
Performance : the inhabitants and Natacha Kierbel or Yumi Rigout
Musique et interprétation : Carlos Canales and/or Diego Aguirre
Artistic direction : Satchie Noro, Yumi Rigout and/or Elise Ladoué an/or Nicolás Eyzaguirre 
Length of the performance : 25min


Mai 21 / Festival Primavera of the CCN of Nantes (44)
June 3 / Festival Parade(s) (92) 
October 7 / Festival Artonov in Bruxelles (BE) 
September 4 / Festival La Grande Balade in Pontgoin (28)
April 20 / Fontenay en Scènes in Fontenay sous Bois
September 15 / "Dansez-vous" MPAA Broussais 
March 3-4 / Dansfabrik - Le Quartz-Scène Nationale and the Fourneau-CNAR of Brest 
September 23 / Théâtre Louis Aragon of Tremblay-en-France
September 24 / Théâtre Brétigny in Brétigny sur Orges
September 30 / La Briqueterie - CDCN of Val-de-Marne



La Briqueterie 2017 / credit photo Laurent Philippe
Les Capucins à Brest 2017 / crédits photo : le Fourneau CNAR
MPAA Broussais 2019 / credits photo : Yumi Rigout
MPAA Broussais 2019 / credits photo : Yumi Rigout
Valparaiso 2016 / crédits Photo : Kevin Morizur